My paper The Costs of Economic Nationalism: Evidence from the Brexit Experiment (link) (jointly with Gernot Müller, Moritz Schularick, and Petr Sedlacek) has been accepted at the Economic Journal


Selected Publications

(2019). The Costs of Economic Nationalism: Evidence from the Brexit Experiment. Economic Journal, accepted.

CEPR DP No. DP12454 Ungated VoxEU

(2019). Does Austerity Pay Off?. Review of Economics and Statistics, accepted.

Dataset Latest Version Earlier CEPR DP No. 10425 VoxEU Ökonomenstimme

(2019). Time-Varying Business Volatility and the Price Setting of Firms. Journal of Monetary Economics, 101, pp. 82-99.

Published Version Ungated CEPR DP No. 9702 (old) NBER WP No. 19180 (old)

(2014). Risk Matters: The Real Effects of Volatility Shocks: Comment. American Economic Review, 104(12), pp. 4231-4239.

Code Published Version Working Paper

(2014). Policy Risk and the Business Cycle. Journal of Monetary Economics, 68, pp. 68-85.

Code Published Version Working Paper Web Appendix

(2014). Central Bank Communication on Financial Stability. Economic Journal, 124(577), pp. 701-734.

Published Version VoxEU Bloomberg

Working Papers

More Publications

(2019). Stable genius? The macroeconomic impact of Trump. Submitted.

CEPR DP No. DP13798 Ungated VoxEU

(2019). Government Spending, Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity, and Exchange Rate Dynamics?. Work in Progress.

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